Application Preparation

The HS SPPO Office has created guides and tools to assist departments in preparing internal documents, application packages, and proposal routing. Please be sure to view the Submission Timelines, Minimum Requirements, and Review Priorities to ensure you prepare a complete application and submit it to HS SPPO in a timely manner.

The PD Record flows over to the IP Record, once the PD Record has been marked Approved and Submitted. The IP Record is the official institutional record. Please note, HS SPPO does not have full edit rights to PD. Besides submitting and approving, HS SPPO only has the right to replace attachments (not add) in the Attachments section. 

OnBase: HS SPPO utilizes OnBase to review proposals for possible suggested corrections and/or questions for the department. When the email is sent to the department, with a link to said suggested corrections and/or questions, the department will be able to see HS SPPO's review as well as have the option to add comments.  For more information or assistance, please see the HS SPPO Form User Guide - Fund Manager or contact​with the RSC Projects Group. 

Agency Sponsor Code:  Do not use 5013. If the NIH IC is unknown at the time of submission, please use 3401 for Agency Sponsor Code.

For additional guidance not available on our website, please contact your assigned HS SPPO Analyst.

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