Review & Submission

HS SPPO is the pre-award office for all NIH & AHRQ proposals and NIH & AHRQ related subaward proposals for Health Sciences. Proposals include: single-project & multi-project grants, cooperative agreements, dual-degree pre doctoral & post doctoral fellowships, and Loan Repayment Program (LRP) certification. In most cases, the HS SPPO Analyst is also the Authorized Signing Official for the proposal.  Pre-award is defined as proposal review, proposal submission, and post submission actions prior to issuance of the award, such as supplemental material submission and Just-in-Time (JIT) review and submission. The HS SPPO Analyst also acts as the official intermediary between the Principal Investigator and the NIH. 

For F30 & F32 NIH fellowship proposals and NIH Loan Repayment Program proposals, HS SPPO is the pre- and post-award office for all Health Sciences.  While pre-award encompasses all actions prior to the issuance of the award,  Post-award is defined as analysis and review of award terms and conditions, negotiation of terms and conditions, if necessary, to ensure compliance with sponsor terms and conditions, university policies, and federal regulations and requirements, and finally, acceptance of awards. 

Finally, all Health Sciences PI Exception requests are reviewed and processed by HS SPPO for all applicable applicants that are not PI Eligible under the PPM 150-10, regardless of funding agency, on behalf of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences – Academic Affairs.