Progress Reports

​​​​In the spring of 2010, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a directive to federal agencies regarding the implementation of the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) module in an effort to standardize the information that is being requested and collected from the funded agencies, reduce administrative burden and costs on the grantees and the funding agency, and streamline the data that is collected across all Federal agencies.

NIH began requiring its grantees to submit all Type 5 progress reports, including non-SNAP eligible and multi-project grants, via the RPPR module in the eRA Commons as of October 17, 2014. 

Recently, NIH issued the following Notice: NOT-OD-22-130 which informed the grant recipient community of upcoming changes to the RPPR forms in eRA Commons. Per this Notice, "[r]ecipients are alerted... that budget forms (applicable to non-SNAP awards only) will be updated to a new format. As a result of this update, users with in-progress RPPR forms will be required to re-enter budget form data if the in-progress RPPR is not submitted by June 22, a day before the release. RPPRs submitted on or before June 22 will reflect the FORMS-F budget forms. Due dates for submission of the RPPR remain unchanged." Moreover, Interim RPPR Guidelines have been released and can be found here

The Principal Investigator either submits a SNAP- or NON-SNAP-eligible Type 5 Progress Report. The Notice of Award document specifies which type of progress report is to be submitted for each award in the Terms and Conditions section. Please see definitions below for SNAP and NON-SNAP:

  • Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP): is a streamlined process that includes a number of provisions that modify annual progress reports, NOAs, and financial reports. Unobligated balances of under 25% are automatically carried over to the next budget year, without prior approval. All NIH award notices identify whether the grant is subject to or excluded from SNAP. For more information on SNAP, click here.
  • Non-streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (Non-SNAP): is not a streamlined process or subject to the SNAP provisions and typically includes a detailed budget in the RPPR module in eRA Commons.

Note: Effective February 16, 2011, the campus delegated submission authority to the Principal Investigator for all SNAP-eligible progress reports. Internal paperwork is not required for these proposals.

Note: Effective Immediately, RPPR due notices will no longer be sent to Fund Managers directly. Instead, HS SPPO will email the HS Contacts listserv when the RPPR due reports are posted to the website.

For a list of all upcoming progress reports due for submission, please see below: