PI Eligibility

Notice sent out to Health Sciences on 1/23/2020: PI Exception Process using Kuali Research

Per UCSD's PPM 150-10, on or before the start date of a proposed project, the Principal Investigator and, if applicable, the Co-Principal Investigator(s) must have formally accepted an appointment at UCSD in an eligible title, or qualify by exception approved by the Vice Chancellor. PI exceptions requests must be submitted at the time of proposal.

Eligible Principal Investigators include employees with the following academic titles:

  • Professor - all ranks
  • Professor in Residence - all ranks
  • Professor of Clinical X - all ranks but instructor
  • Research Professor
  • Professor Emeritus - all ranks
  • Adjunct Professors - all ranks but instructor, if salaried at 50% or more time
  • Clinical Professors - ll ranks but instructor, if salaried at greater than 0% time
  • Research Scientist - all ranks

Additional PI Eligibility requirements are covered in PPM 150-10: Eligibility to Submit Proposal for Extramural Support and on the PI Eligibility website.

Employees with appointments not in this list may request an exception to serve as Principal Investigator using the OnBase form. For more information on gaining access to and using OnBase, please visit: https://blink.ucsd.edu/research/finding-funding/pi-eligibility.html#I-am-a-department-administrator

The completed PI Exception Request requires a signature from the PI and the department chair, a brief description of the project, a written response to the questions (normally prepared and signed by the faculty sponsor or division chief), and the PI's Bio Sketch or CV for submission. Applications cannot be submitted to NIH or NIH federal flow-through sponsors until Chair approval is received. The PI Exception should be routed through OnBase to the appropriate HS SPPO Analyst at least two weeks before the proposal deadline. 

Please see the Review Priorities document which outlines both the department's and HS SPPO's responsibilities in reviewing PI Exceptions.

PI Exception requests are not automatically approved. Approval may depend on the proposed PI's current appointment, proposed future appointment, and the appropriateness of the project to the individual's current stage in their career development.