Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

​NIH requires that all trainees and scholars receiving support through any NIH training, career development (individual or institutional), research education or dissertation research grant, must receive instruction in responsible conduct of research.  Substantial face-to-face discussions among the participating trainees, a combination of didactic and small-group discussions (e.g. case studies), and participation of research faculty members are highly encouraged.  Online courses can be a useful supplement to instruction; however, online instruction, by itself, is considered insufficient to meet the NIH RCR training requirement (also see this updated NIH notice on currently active websites). 

Training Options at UC San Diego
  • Undergraduate Students:  On request, the Research Ethics Program will provide, or advise on developing, cost effective training options.
  • Graduate Students:  The Research Ethics Program offers courses for graduate students to meet the NIH training requirements.  More information and registration can be found on the Research Ethics Program Core courses home page. 
  • Postdoctoral Scholars:  The Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs (OPVSA) offers an ‘Ethical Challenges of Research’ series.  
  • Customizable Department Courses:  Departments are encouraged to develop their own RCR training plans in consultation with the Research Ethics Program to ensure their plans meet the format and content requirements of NIH.  The Research Ethics Program can assist in setting goals, selecting topics to be covered, identifying useful approaches for teaching and learning, and assessing outcomes, as well as offering 'Train the Trainer Workshops.'
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