Human Fetal Tissue from Elective Abortions

NIH's Definition of Human Fetal Tissue (HFT) & Human Fetal Tissue (HFT) from Elective Abortions:
Per NIH GPS §4.1.14, “[h]uman fetal tissue (HFT) is defined as tissue or cells obtained from a dead human embryo or fetus after a spontaneous or induced abortion or stillbirth. This definition does not include established human fetal cell lines. Research involving the transplantation of human fetal tissue must be conducted in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local laws as well as the following NIH guidance.” Per NIH GPS §, “HFT from elective abortions is defined as research involving the study, analysis, or use of primary HFT, cells, and derivatives, and human fetal primary cell cultures obtained from elective abortions… NIH requires additional documentation of the use of HFT from elective abortions in research… to ensure that it is utilized for research only when scientifically justifiable, and in the least amount possible to achieve the scientific outcomes.”  Moreover, “[w]hen an application involving human fetal tissue research is submitted to NIH, the Authorized Organization Representative’s (AOR)'s signature certifies that researchers using these tissues are in compliance with section 498B of the PHS Act.” The statute specifically prohibits any person from “knowingly acquiring, receiving, or transferring any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration.”

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