UC/VA Appointments

Many Health Sciences Principal Investigators have a Joint UC/VA Appointment. A Joint UC/VA Appointment allows faculty members to have an appointment at the University and at the VA hospital. These appointments are represented in 8ths which are indicative of the number of hours a week at each institution. The maximum number of hours these dual appointees can work a week is 60 hours. The investigator's total percentage of time available for research is based on the number of 8ths and UC San Diego clinical and departmental commitments. At no point can the total percentage of paid time between the two organizations exceed 150% or 60 hours a week. In addition, no time at a single organization can exceed 100% or 40 hours.

Faculty with joint UC/VA appointments may submit application proposals through either UC San Diego or the Veteran's Medical Research Foundation (VMRF). The determination of which institution should submit the proposal is based upon the "preponderance of research." This is determined by budgeted salaries. If 50% or more of budgeted proposal salaries will be "earned" in VA space, then the preponderance of research will be in VA space and VMRF will submit the proposal application. If less than 50% of the activities will be conducted in VA space, then UC San Diego will submit the proposal. Please take note of the following exceptions to this guidance:

  • Career awards and training grants, funded by NIH or any other agency, must be submitted through UCSD, even if the preponderance of research is at the VA.
  • Multi-project applications (PPGs) may require subcontracts to the non-submitting organization.
  • Multiple PI applications are to be submitted by the organization where the contact PI will primarily carry out his or her research. A sub-award will be issued to the PI who will be performing a majority of the work at the VA.
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