JI Core Services

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The Joint Imaging Core offers a variety of services, which include:

  • Consultation on overall study design
  • Subject or sample positioning devices
  • Specialty coils to improve imaging
  • Sample preparation
  • Imaging
  • Biomechanical tissue characterization for comparison

How to get started:
Submit a Service Request form to the JI Core. A core director or core manager will get back to you for an initial meeting (no cost to you). In this meeting, you will need to let us know:
  • Overall goal
  • Anatomy to be imaged; specimen dimensions (if not live human)
  • Measures desired from the imaging data

Cost and Ways to Lower the Cost
While per hour MR scanning cost can be high (over $600/hr), the actual cost can vary depending on scanning protocol (which can be substantially less than 1 hr per subject or sample for simple scans). We will work with you to suggest the lowest cost route while achieving the goals of your study. Also, after the initial meeting, the JI Core may be able to offer you a voucher to cover the cost of a pilot scan, with a prospect of future Core usage. Additionally, the PI can also submit a pilot project grant proposal that, if selected by the MARC as an awardee, can cover a significant portion of the scanning cost.

Core Leadership & Contacts
Christine Chung, MD, Core Co-Director

Won Bae, PhD, Core Co-Director

Sheronda Statum, Core Manager

Alisa Prewett, MARC Coordinator

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