The MARC has three resource cores available to its members, each with a different specialization to assist with research into joint pathology.

The Joint Bioinformatics and Computational Core
The goal of this core is to grant MARC members access to the powerful tool of bioinformatic analysis. This will allow for the creation of multi-dimensional networks between diverse elements of large data sets, enabling researchers to better understand their results and plan their future experiments.
The Joint Cell Isolation Core
This core provides MARC members with the ability to isolate tissue fragments or single cells through Laser Capture Microscopy or flow sorting. The availability of both of these resources allows for the targeted isolation of a wide spectrum of tissues of interest for later analysis.
The Joint Imaging Core
This core aims to provide MARC members with access to magnetic resonance imaging for both human and small animal joints. Users of this core will be assisted at every step by an expert staff, from experimental development to data analysis.