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The goal of the Joint Imaging (JI) Core is to provide MARC members with access to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of human and animal joints.

What can we learn from the MRI of joints? Depending on the technique used, you can learn about basic anatomy, tissue pathology, and treatment effects.

Who and what can we image? ‚ÄčIn clinical scanners (3-Tesla), we can image all major body parts in live human subjects, along with large-to-small animal specimens. We utilized radio-frequency coils of varying sizes (can fit diameters of 1" to ~18") to acquire the best image possible for each case. In preclinical scanners (3- to 11-Tesla), we can image small live animals (mice and rats) and specimens. 

MRI Techniques for the Knee (#: available on human scanner only)

Morphological Techniques

Quantitative Techniques


Other Examples of MSK Anatomy