JBC Core Services

The Joint Bioinformatics and Computational (JBC) Core offers a variety of services including:

  • Senior Faculty and Project Scientist Consulting: to assist study design and assessment of multi-dimensional data including epigenomics, genomics, and other structured data.
  • Single cell analysis: Eliminate batch effects, clustering and identify cell sub-populations.
  • Gene transcriptional network analysis (Taiji): Leverage epigenomic and transcriptomic data using integrative models to elucidate disease mechanisms, including transcription factors that participate in pathogenesis.
  • Implementation of machine learning methods to datasets such as:
    • Neural networks
    • classification and regression methods (such as random forest and UMAP)
  • Whole genome sequencing analysis: Variant calling and pathway enrichment analysis.

EpiSig analysis example integrating 9 separate omics databases to identify genes in rheumatoid arthritis that are epigenetically distinguished from controls.

How to get started

Submit a service request form to the JBC Core. A core director or core manager will get back to you for an initial meeting (no cost to you). In this meeting, you will need to let us know:
  • Overall goal of study
  • Datasets to be analyzed
  • Desired outcomes from data analysis

Costs and ways to lower costs

Collaboration with the core can be based on a recharge mechanism (i.e. hourly charge), percent effort on a grant, in-kind support for a MARC pilot project grant, and MARC vouchers.

Core Leadership & Contacts
Gary Firestein, MD, Core Co-Director

Wei Wang, PhD, Core Co-Director

Richard Ainsworth, Core Manager

Alisa Prewett, MARC Coordinator