JCI Core Services

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The Joint Cell Isolation (JCI) Core offers a variety of services and access to equipment, including:


  • Consultation and experimental design
  • Collaborative establishment of new protocols
    • Laser capture microdissection services
      • Tissue sectioning
      • Slide staining
        • Histological
          • Hematoxylin
          • Cresyl violet
        • Immunofluorescent
      • Laser capture microdissection
        • Ultraviolet laser
        • Infrared laser
      • Post-capture nucleic acid extraction
        • DNA
        • RNA
      • Flow Cytometry cell sorting services
        • Staff operated cell sorting
        • User-operated cell sorting
        • Joint tissue disaggregation
      • Closing report upon project completion

LCM Equipment

  • Applied Biosystems ArcturusXT laser capture microsdissection system
  • Nikon Ti-E microscope
  • Ultraviolet and infrared solid-state lasers
  • CryoStar NX70 cryostat
  • Leica RM2125 RTS microtome

Flow Cytometry Cell Sorters

How to get started

Please submit a MARC Service Request form to the JCI Core. A member of our core management team will contact you for an initial meeting (at no cost).

Costs and Ways to Lower Costs

Costs will be discussed during the initial consultation. The core management will work with each core user to suggest the lowest cost route while achieving the goals of the study. The MARC may be able to offer a voucher to cover pilot experimentation, with a prospect of future core usage. MARC members will receive internal rates for sorting in the La Jolla Institute Flow Sorting Facility. If you are interested in becoming a MARC member, please visit our MARC membership page.

Core Leadership & Contacts
Nunzio Bottini, MD, PhD
Core Co-Director

Stephanie Stanford, PhD
Core Co-Director

Anna Belongia, Core Manager

Alisa Prewett, MARC Coordinator

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