Planning and Space Management

​UCSD Health Sciences is a $2 billion plus organization encompassing 19 departments, 3 professional schools (Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health, School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), and various other programs and units all dedicated towards fulfilling the Health Sciences core missions: Education, Scientific Research, Clinical Care, and Community Outreach.  The Planning and Space Management ("PSM") team is responsible for research and instructional space, capital facility development and delivery, and planning.  We provide strategic, analytical, and decision-support to the UC San Diego Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences (VCHS) and senior management in regards to all of these efforts.

Capital Program Development & Facilities Management
  • Provides leadership in programming new buildings and future buildings.
  • Responsible for review and approval for renovations, capital equipment purchases and approval for facilities related initiatives.
  • Determines the need for capital projects, identifies funding, plans occupancy, monitors construction and renovation projects, and facilitates relocations within VCHS research and educational facilities.
  • Acts as VCHS liaison in regard to planning, design and construction, and project management for minor and major capital projects supporting research and instructional needs.
  • Provides facility renewal needs assessments, and short- and long-term planning related to research and educational space needs.​
Space Planning & Management

  • Provides leadership and guidance on research and administrative space planning and assignment in approximately 2.8 million gross square feet (GSF) of research and instructional space in 40 buildings across 3 separate campuses and off-site leases. 
  • Responsible for on-going space management, including major space solutions associated with new projects and their impacts. 
  • Support and collaborate with the Health Sciences Space Advisory Committee (HSSAC) who meet monthly to analyze and review selected School/Department/Unit space utilization based on a number of criteria including; square footage, employees in space and financial activities supporting scientific activities in the space being reviewed.
  • Evaluate and present space requests to HSSAC for additional basic or clinical research, educational, and administrative space needs. 
  • Maintains and updates Health Sciences building floor plans and occupancy information via Facilities Information Management System (FIMS), UCSD's space data and inventory management system.

Leased Space

  • Provides leadership regarding the management of Health Sciences leased space portfolio.