Facilities Renovation Policy (Effective 05/17/2016)


Planning and Space Management, acting on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences (VCHS), has an interest in maximizing the value and lifespan of its buildings and spaces, as well as managing financial resources in a prudent manner. While faculty recruitments and retentions may bring additional financial resources and notoriety to Health Sciences, they do not result in an increase to the capital budget. As such, the purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines under which renovation and facilities improvement expenditures will be approved and to what degree they will be funded.

General Principles

Faculty Recruitments and Retentions:
Planning and Space Management will cover the costs of typical renovations associated with faculty recruitments and/or retentions endorsed by the Vice Chancellor (Department recruitments are not covered) up to a cap of $175,000. Some exceptions may be made for renovations in older spaces (i.e. MTF, CTF, or BSB), and would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Planning and Space Management will coordinate the lab and office revitalization efforts supported by the Facilities Management (FM) budget, or propose a shared cost for such efforts. Custom renovations and any costs that exceed the $175,000 cap will be funded by the recruit / retention candidate’s home Department (or the Department that has initiated a space relocation). Planning and Space Management funding may be directed to the costs of acquiring professional design and estimates (these cost are not being covered by FM as of the date of this policy). However, costs of furniture are to be borne by the researcher or home Department.

Space Reassignments:
In cases where renovations are the result of relocation due to a Department space request and newly assigned space, Planning and Space Management will work with FM to cover costs related to bringing the space to a clean standard for the building. This may include cleaning, paint and patch and flooring repair. This does not include any work related to altering or customizing the assigned space.

In cases where renovations are the result of a relocation initiated by VCHS/HSSAC (Health Sciences Space Advisory Committee), Planning and Space Management will endeavor to meet the programmatic needs of the relocating group as it would for a recruitment or retention endorsed by the Vice Chancellor, and up to the same cap of $175,000. Additionally, Planning and Space Management will fund moving expenses in these cases.

For reference, definitions of Typical (supported by Planning and Space Management) and Custom (not supported by Planning and Space Management) renovations include the following.

​WALLS​Patch & Paint​Patch & Paint
Containment and debris) 
​As needed​None
​FLOORING ​Refresh – Replace​Refresh – Replace
​CEILING​Refresh – Replace​Refresh
​DROP CEILING​Refresh – Replace​Refresh
​WINDOW COVERINGS​Refresh/Clean​Clean
​ELECTRICAL​Upgrade As Needed​None
​HVAC​Upgrade As Needed​None
​PLUMBING​Upgrade As Needed​None
​SINKS​Refresh/ Clean​Clean
​LIGHTING​Upgrade As Needed​None
​FIRE SYSTEMS (alarms, sprinklers)​As needed​None
​EMERGENCY POWER​Provide for -80s and incubators​Not Included
​ABATEMENT​As Needed​Not Included
​Construction Contingency​10% Contractor Costs​Not Included
​ADA​As Needed (FM Policy)​Not Included
​​FD&C Bid Prep​As required by FM​Not Included
​Inspection​As required by FM​Not Included
​Design​None​Not Included
​Shop Support​As required by FM​Not Included
​FM Markup​Mandatory​Not Included
​LAB STOOLS​Refresh/Clean​Clean
​FURNITURE​Not Included​Not Included
​KEYS​As Needed​Not Included
​CARD READERS​Not Included​Not Included
​TELECOM/DATA​Conduit, cables, and ports as needed​Not Included