Anatomic Pathology Curriculum

Anatomic Pathology

3 Autopsy Pathology   
3 Cytopathology   
0.5 (2 weeks) Dermatopathology             
1 (4 weeks) Forensic Path (ME)   
1 Neuropathology   
1 Pediatric Path (CHMC)   
12 Surgical Pathology (UH & VA)   
Total AP    21.5

Weeks on Call:  
PGY 1 (AP)  6-8 
PGY 2-4  2-5 

Surgical Pathology (University): UH Surgical Pathology rotations based out Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA; 1-week, sub-specialty assignments; 1-day sign-out schedule (previewing, grossing and sign-out blocks)

Surgical Pathology (VA): VA Surgical Pathology are rotations based out of San Diego Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center; general surgical pathology assignment; 2-day sign out schedule (grossing day, sign-out day)

Autopsy: Autopsy rotations are based out of Jacobs Medical Center, but includes coverage of rare autopsy need at the San Diego VA; includes coverage of the perinatal pathology service

Cytopathology:  Cytopathology rotations are based out of Jacobs Medical Center; includes coverage of the FNA service, with the Cytopathology Fellow

Neuropathology: Neuropathology rotations are based out of Jacobs Medical Center with weekly brain cutting activities at the Medical Examiner’s Office

Dermatopathology: Dermatopathology rotation is a required 2 week experience at the San Diego VA; a 4-week rotation with UCSD’s Dermatopathologist (housed in Dermatology) is available as an elective rotation. 

Pediatric Pathology: Pediatric Pathology rotation is a required 4 week experience at Rady Children’s Hospital, located a few miles southeast of Jacobs Medical Center; includes general pediatric pathology assignment