Pathology Education

​​​​The UC San Diego Department of Pathology is home to a number of diverse and exciting educational programs that serve the Health Sciences.​ See our educational activity highlights below, or view the full menu under the left-hand Education section.

Pathology Residency Program

Annually, about 1.5% (the national mean) of UC San Diego graduating medical students choose Pathology as a career, and a number of UC San Diego medical students are accepted into the UC San Diego Pathology Residency Program.

Serving as both a basic science and a clinical department in the UCSD Health Sciences, the Department of Pathology is unique in its diverse array of educational offerings.​

Pathology Fellowship Programs

The Department of Pathology has fellowships available in the areas of Cytopathology, Gastrointestinal/Liver Pathology, Hematopathology, Molecular Pathology, Neuropathology, Surgical Pathology, Gynecologic/Breast Pathology, Clinical Chemistry, and Research.

Please visit our Residency Program and Fellowship Programs pages for program details and application instructions.​​​


​Undergraduate Medical Education

​​Department of Pathology faculty are fully integrated into all aspects of undergraduate medical education.​​ Learn more about our program.

​Visiting Elective Scholarship Program

​​​The UCSD Department of Pathology is pleased to introduce the new Visiting Elective Scholarship Program (VESP) in an effort to support third- and fourth-year medical students who are interested in completing an elective rotation in our Department. This scholarship was created by the Pathology Department's Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and is specifically geared towards supporting those with limited resources and those who represent an underrepresented group in medicine.​​ View full program details here.

Pathology Conferences

Department of Pathology conferences are open to all UCSD Departments, residents/fellows, students, and external medical/research community; primary audience is the Dept. of Pathology Faculty, Staff and Trainees.​

Visit our Conferences page to view Department of Pathology conferences.​

Faculty Recognition for Teaching

With their breadth and depth of teaching, it is not surprising that Pathology faculty are consistently honored with School-wide awards such as the Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Campus-Wide Distinguished Teaching Award. In fact, eight Pathology faculty thus far have received Campus-Wide Distinguished Teaching Award, UC San Diego's highest honor for teaching: Katsumi Miyai (1994-95)​, Stephen Baird (1996-97), Lawrence Hansen (1998-99), Paul Wolf (2000-01), Noel Weidner (2002-03), Henry Powell (2011-12), Sharon Reed (2012-13), and Ann Tipps (2020-21).