Any endeavor in our digital age is based on information stored and processed in digital systems. Informatics is the art of encoding, storing and transmitting data such as text and images. But it’s also much more. It can describe information in units of amount, order, structure and relatedness – all of which are needed to help doctors make the best healthcare decisions.

The CTIPM’s informatics core is a premier site for the advanced technologies of tomorrow, applied in a clinical setting today. Instead of dreaming about a future as it’s portrayed in popular movies, we develop tomorrow’s tools to support our physicians today as they pursue the best medical care for their patients.

MR water diffusion in brain

Visualizing the densely connected human brain based on diffusion tensor imaging. The image shows the complexity of restricted water diffusion measured by an MR machine.

Clinical Applications

System components related to MR image capture and analysis

  • Full compliance with medical DICOM format
  • Direct connection to hospital infrastructure
  • Local computing resources linked to imaging devices
  • Support for clinical and non-clinical projects
  • Support for advanced workstations for surgical and biopsy planning

Software for the community

Research study support

  • Statistical analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal data using generalized additive mixed models
  • Data sharing efforts for large clinical studies
  • Distributed data acquisition and support for multiple vendor platforms


Hauke BartschRon Yang, PhD
Bioinformatics Programmer, Department of Radiology at UC San Diego
Director of Informatics, CTIPM