Brilliant people drive breakthrough research. At MOMI CORE, our programs are designed to connect like-minded investigators to keep the engine of discovery running strong.

MOMI Incubators​

New discovery starts by getting the right people in the same room. That’s what MOMI CORE incubators are all about. We actively engage researchers, clinicians and educators from across disciplines in workshops, symposia, brainstorming sessions, and other activities, here in San Diego and abroad.

MOMI Seeds

Raising startup funds is a major roadblock for researchers. That’s why we created MOMI Seeds. This annual grant program is open to researchers from all sciences. It serves as a launchpad for them to discover the evidence needed to acquire long-term funding and eventually make a positive impact. MOMI Seed recipients will grow the base of data in human milk and help improve human health for years to come.


MOMI Fellows​

The MOMI Fellows initiative is designed to develop the next generation of innovators in human milk research. With MOMI Fellows, MOMI CORE provides funding to support visiting fellows and professors, postdoctoral and medical fellows, as well as graduate students.

Meet Our Fellows

MOMI Professors​

In addition to our collaborative network of MOMI Fellows and MOMI Seed recipients, we seek to create permanent professorships at the center. Our goal is to attract the top minds from across the sciences to help lead our initiatives and grow our organization.


Interested in joining one of our programs or in hosting an incubator?

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