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Our goal is to discover new applications for human milk components, supply healthy nutrition, and prevent and treat some of today's most devastating diseases. Collaborating with MOMI CORE extends access to a well-connected network of research teams at UC San Diego and around the world who are applying their unique skills and expertise to fundamentally alter our approach to human health and development.

Our mission is to connect the dots - and we are looking to you to become part of that powerful network.

We provide our academic and corporate partners with a coordinated infrastructure that fast-tracks material transfer, service, and research agreements, and streamlines the path from ideation to commercialization.

two chemists discussing a lab project

Talent & Technologies

Talent & Technologies

Partnering with MOMI CORE provides access to top faculty and their research teams, incubators, and cutting-edge technologies as well as talent to develop and recruit.


UC San Diego

The Epicenter of Innovative Thinking

Collaboration is in our DNA at UC San Diego. Few academic centers promote the level of research excellence found here. The university features a broad range of research initiatives with an interdisciplinary approach that enables pioneering researchers, educators, and clinicians to bring lifesaving innovations from bench to bedside, from lab to market.

Quote from our Partners

"At the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation, we strongly believe in MOMI CORE's potential for large return on investment, and more importantly, for real impact on society. MOMI CORE is one of our great success stories, and today, we are using the center as our template for structuring and financing other initiatives around the world."

Katharina Lichtner, PhD - Managing Director, Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation

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