2023 MOMI Seeds

This marks the 5th round of our MOMI Seeds pilot grant program after placing the program on hold for one year in 2022 to invest in additional MOMI CORE infrastructure and equipment.

  • MOMI Seeds Pilot Grants - three Research Priority Areas
    • Infectious Diseases & Immunity: effects of breastfeeding or intake of human milk components on infectious diseases and immunity or vice versa
    • Metabolism & Metabolic Diseases: effects of breastfeeding or intake of human milk components on metabolism and metabolic diseases or vice versa
    • "Milk Moonshot": an innovative and creative idea for a project related to human milk and breastfeeding that does not fit in any of the other Research Priority Areas


​Number of Applications Submitted 

$200, 000

Research funds awarded


Number of awards granted 

2023 Awardees

​Fatemeh Askarian, PhD

Project Scientist, Department of Pediatrics
"Immune boosting roles of human milk oligosaccharides on host phagocytic cell antimicrobial function against neonatal pathogens"

​Philip Gordts, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
"Investigating the Role of Human Milk Oligosaccharides on Triglyceride and Lipoprotein Metabolism"

​Ratnesh Lal, PhD

Professor of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
"Biophysical Aspects of Milk Fat Globule Membrane – Microorganism Interactions and Relevance to Infectious Diseases"

Jianhua Shao, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Pediatrics

"Adiponectin & Milk Production"

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