CORECT (Competing Risks and Endpoints in Clinical Trials)

The goal of this project is to develop personalized methods to risk-stratify populations with competing risks. We have shown that standard risk models are suboptimal, reducing efficiency and leading to mismatch in assigning proper intensity of therapy for patients. We have developed a novel method (generalized competing event (GCE) regression) to stratify patients according to their relative risk for competing events, known as the omega ratio. This ratio is critically linked to the benefit of cancer treatments. Our research lab was the first to show that patients with higher omega ratios preferentially benefit from treatment. This theory is being tested prospectively in the international Phase II/III NRG HN004 trial.

HEATMAP (Hematologic Effects and Toxicity Modeling to Assist Planning)

The focus of this research is to study the impact of variations in bone marrow radiation on the immune system. We have developed image-guided bone marrow-sparing radiotherapy techniques to facilitate better delivery of concurrent and adjuvant systemic therapy. Radiation specifically to metabolically active, proliferating regions of bone marrow are responsible for tolerance to intensive therapy. Limiting radiation dose to active bone marrow reduces toxicity and permits better treatment tolerance. This research is being implemented prospectively in the International Phase III NRG GY006 trial.