"With every food that I did an exposure on, I have NO problems at all. Even after a year, I can't make myself eat more than a small serving!"

"It's wonderful that this resource exists in our community. Such great learning for both kids and parents. And hard to believe that it not only doesn't cost anything, but you also get gift cards, and toys for the kids! We have really appreciated the two studies that we have done, and I think it has helped set my daughter on a healthier path."​​


​"My involvement with FRESH, from my perspective, was one of the best decisions my family has ever made. I have stopped gaining weight and started losing weight---15 pounds!”

"The program gave my 8 year old son and me a new understanding about food and the choices we need to make, to be healthy. The experience and the support we have gotten from the staff have only been positive."

“I am so grateful that we were recommended to this program. It has not only brought my daughter and I closer together but has eased my worries about the health of my daughter.”​