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Thank you for considering making a financial gift to the CHEAR Program. Your generosity helps us fulfill our mission.

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Your heartwarming contributions directly support promising research, critical treatment, training of new generations of physicians and scientists, and helps the CHEAR Program at UC San Diego’s School of Medicine to study and successfully treat a broad range of eating-related diseases and disorders. Enormous progress toward finding better treatments has been made, and each of our successes - and every chance we have to succeed - can be directly enhanced through the support of our friends.

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Private, financial gifts allow us to continue to meet new challenges and seek solutions to help everyone lead longer and healthier lives. More than ever before, our programs, research, and events are funded through the generosity of our current and past patients, as well as those who have had family or friends cared for by CHEAR. We greatly appreciate your generosity and patronage.

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Success story from one of our participants in the FRESH treatment study:

"My involvement with FRESH, from my perspective, was one of the best decisions my family has ever made. I have stopped gaining weight and started losing weight---15 pounds! However, I would have never thought about losing weight and eating healthier if my mom hadn't brought up the idea of joining the FRESH program. Now that I'm done with FRESH, I feel happier, healthier and I know that I'm leading a better lifestyle. As my dad says, you're going in the right direction. One of my favorite things about FRESH is that they have motivations and goals for losing weight. If you do the right things, you can have fun, but still healthy, treats like a sledding trip and a shopping spree! Even though the goals are gone, I still feel as motivated as ever because I know that living a healthy lifestyle is what's best for my body. Now, whenever I go anywhere, people always comment on how good and different I look. Even my friends have noticed! Thanks, FRESH, for changing my life!"