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The Killing Zone for Sperm
The female reproductive system and jungles of Africa face foreign invaders. In this episode, we follow San Diego scientist Pascal Gagneux through these environments, and find out more about their intruders.
KPBS Rad Scientist Podcast

From a Pink Squiggle to the Human Genome Project
This Yellowstone bacterium sparked FOR, one of the great advances in genetics.
Maggie Koerth-Baker, January 2017
Coating the Flu with Sticky Polymers to Look for New Drugs.
Matthew Gibson
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Newly Evolved, Uniquely Human Gene Variants Protect Older Adults from Cognitive Decline,
by Heather Bushman,
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​`Grandparent genes' discovered by scientists, by Sarah Knapton,
The Telegraph, UK, November, 2015
Anti-Alzheimer's gene may have led to the rise of grandparents,
by Kelli Whitlock Burton,
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​Expert Commentary for Science News:Some chimpanzees infected with AIDS virus may harbor protective, humanlike gene.
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​Live long and prosper with Siglecs
by Yvonne Bordon,
Nature Reviews Immunology, May, 2015
A Longer Life May Lie in Number of Anti-Inflammatory Genes
by Christopher Wanjek
Live Science, April 07, 2015 03:50pm ET
Anti-inflammation genes linked to longer lives
Species with more `Siglecs' get longevity boost, study suggests.
Science News, April 7 2015

More anti-inflammatory genes mean longer lifespans for mammals
Mammal species with higher copy numbers of siglec receptor gene have longer maximum lifespans,
EurekAlert!, April 7, 2015
New research targets how to fight influenza
Radio interview for KPBS midday edition November 2013
Stuck on flu
UCSD news release November 2013
​Stopping flu might just be a matter of rock paper scissors
Biomed Central November 2013

​Live Chat: Should Chimpanzees Be Studied in Captivity?
Science Live, Jon Cohen on 29 May 2013

Zoo Futures. Jon Cohen
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Expert opinion on Influenza study
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By Etienne Joly.
Evaluation of Sexual selection by female immunity against paternal antigens can fix loss of function alleles.
Faculty of 1000

​Malaria, sexual selection let to humans, UCSD research suggests.
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Sugary Mutation May Have Led to Humans' Rise.
MSNBC. October 2011
​Evolution: Sugar helped separate human ancestors from apes'.
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​Sexual Selection by Sugar Molecule Helped Determine Human Origins, Researchers Say.
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​Fertility Rites.Jon Cohen
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