Neuromuscular Pathology

The UC San Diego Neuropathology division offers evaluation of muscle and nerve biopsies for the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases, including inflammatory myopathies, muscular dystrophies, and other disorders. Standard muscle biopsy work-up includes evaluation of fixed and frozen tissue with immunohistochemical and histochemical stains, as well as routine electron microscopy. Proper interpretation of these biopsies involves precise clinical correlation, and our neuropathologists work closely with neurologists, rheumatologists, and neuromuscular specialists.

The neuromuscular pathology service welcomes outside consultations. Please refer to the specific sending requirements prior to specimen submission. 

Specimen Requirements (for full details, please see Muscle and Nerve biopsy specimen requirements)‚Äč

Muscle biopsy: Ideally, at least 1 cm3 of muscle tissue should be submitted, fresh, wrapped in gauze slightly moistened with normal saline. Place the muscle in a dry specimen container on regular ice and deliver immediately to the Pathology Lab.

Nerve biopsy: Send the nerve wrapped in saline moistened gauze. Do not cut, stretch, or tie sutures around the portion of nerve to be examined.  

Neuromuscular Pathology Faculty