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“If our brains were so simple that we could understand them we would be so simple that we could not understand them."

The Division of Neuropathology encompasses three closely interrelated and complementary activities in the exciting quest of advancing the understanding of nervous system diseases: clinical service, educational programs, and research activities. 

The clinical neuropathology service at UC San Diego encompasses adult and pediatric neuropathology, neuromuscular pathology, and ophthalmic pathology, with all cases signed out by board-certified neuropathologists with particular interest in one of these areas of sub-specialization. The clinical neuropathology service also provides 24/7 call coverage for neuropathological frozen sections at both Jacobs and Hillcrest medical centers. 

Members of the division are also heavily involved in the education of trainees, including medical students, residents, and fellows. The division offers an ACGME accredited neuropathology fellowship that may be pursued as an integrated contiguous AP/NP residency/fellowship program, or as a separate 2 year training program following AP or AP/CP pathology training at UCSD or elsewhere. 

The Division of Neuropathology also includes many faculty actively pursuing basic science and translational research, and provides diagnostic support and services to the Neuropathology Core of the UCSD Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

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