CHARM Colloquium Series

The CHARM Colloquium Series is a monthly meeting to bring together AMR scientists across disciplines and professional settings. Each month will feature a unique format with 25 min talks from a CHARM Investigator and an Industry Innovator in the first hour, an invited outside seminar speaker at the forefront of antibiotic resistance innovation for a full 50 min seminar in the second hour, then finally an hour of networking for all attendees with food and drinks. Debuted on September 17, 2019! All CHARM Colloquiums are in the Health Sciences Education Center Large Auditorium (see map below for directions and parking)

Upcoming CHARM Colloquium

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Previous CHARM Colloquiums

September 2019

​ ​

Elizabeth Winzeler, PhD​
​Zachary Zimmerman, PhD
​Steffanie Strathdee, PhD
​Thomas Patterson, PhD
​Professor of Pediatrics

UC San Diego 
​Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Forge Therapeutics
​Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences, Harold Simon Professor of Medicine
UC San Diego
​Professor of Psychiatry

UC San Diego

​"Using Genetics, Genomics, and Chemical Tools to Characterize Microbial Resistomes"
​"Forging New Chemistry Targeting Superbug Infections"
​"The Perfect Predator: A Scientist's Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Superbug"

October 2019

​ ​

​Joe Pogliano, PhD
Robert Tacke, PhD​​Anushree Chatterjee, PhD
Prashant Nagpal, PhD​


UC San Diego
​Senior Scientist

Cellular Approaches
COI Pharmaceuticals
​Assistant Professor

University of Colorado, Boulder
​Assistant Professor

University of Colorado, Boulder
​"Bacterial Cytological Profiling: A New Platform for Antibiotic Discovery"
​"An Immune Cell Therapy Strategy to Combat Multidrug-Resistant Infections"
​"Photoexcited Quantum Dots and other Novel Diagnostics and Therapeutics to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance"

November 2019

Bernhard Palsson, PhD
Distinguished and 
Galletti Professor of Bioengineering, 

Professor of Pediatrics
UC San Diego

Karen Shaw, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Houra Merrikh, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University​

" Test Title of Colloquium Seminar"

"Fighting fungal infections with fosmanogepix - a first-in-class antifungal agent"

"Battling AMR by inhibiting evolution"

December 2019

​Stephanie Fraley, PhD

Les Tari, PhD

​Brad Spellberg, MD, FIDSA, FACP
Assistant Professor

UC San Diego
Senior VP, Research

Cidara Therapeutics
​Professor of Clinical Medicine
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Chief Medical Officer

USC/Los Angelos County-USC Medical Center

​"A Smart Diagnostic: Technology that Learned to Identify and Count Pathogens in Blood"
"Can Antiviral Conjugates (AVCs) be the Answer to 'Universal' Flu Prevention?"​​"Antibiotic Stewardship for the 21st Century"

January 2020

​Manuela Raffatellu, MD
Mike Dudley, PhD​Victor Torres, PhD​


UC San Diego
President and CEO

Qpex Biopharma​
C.V. Starr Associate Professor of Microbiology
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
NYU Langone Health​

​"Learning from Bacterial Competition in the Host to Develop Antimicrobials"
"Success, Failure, and Punishing Good Deeds in Innovating New Antibiotics: What You Need to Know"​​"Harnessing basic science to develop new approaches to combat MRSA infections"

February 2020

​Bradley Moore, PhD
Case McNamara, PhD​Thomas Silhavy, PhD​

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
UC San Diego
Director, Infectious Disease

​Warner-Lambert Parke-David Professor
Princeton University
​"Mining Bacterial Genomes for Antibiotics"
"Targeting Wolbachia for the Treatment of Filarial Worms"​​"A Small Molecule Inhibitor of Outer Membrane Protein Assembly that Acts at the Cell Surface"