An Interdisciplinary Research and Educational Initiative Debuted in the Fall of 2019 

CHARM is a faculty led initiative sponsored by the UC San Diego Strategic Plan for the Health Sciences. CHARM is headquartered at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, Division of Host-Microbe Systems & Therapeutics. There are 80+ faculty participants across the Health Sciences and General Campuses, representing all major research divisions of the University. Currently CHARM has seed funding for community building activities, educational and research program development, and establishing a network of academic, industry, government, and foundation partners. 

CHARM Vision Statement

Overcoming the medical and scientific challenges posed by antimicrobial resistance requires new ways of thinking and innovative breakthrough solutions. CHARM recognizes that infections result not only from pathogen virulence but also a shortfall of the host immune system in limiting their spread in the body. Engaging the talents of diverse scientists, engineers, and physicians to unravel the full complexity of the host-pathogen interaction can unlock a new generation of tools, beyond traditional antibiotics, to diagnose, prevent, and treat infections.

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