Clnical and Translational Training

UCSD has robust training programs in Allergy and Inflammation and in Pulmonary and
Critical Care Medicine, both with strong clinical and research training components designed to
foster the next generation of asthma specialists and investigators. Clinical trainees from both
programs benefit from the currently composed Center and will further benefit from planned
cross-educational activities in the Center of Excellence model. Dr. Akuthota has both Pulmonary
Fellows and Internal Medicine residents who participate in his Asthma Clinic and get exposure
to severe asthma and the use of biologic therapies. Allergy and Immunology Fellows have a
strong grounding in Asthma care integrated into all aspects of their clinical training, working
closely with Drs. Christiansen, Doherty, and Kim. Similarly, ENT trainees with an interest in
rhinology will benefit from integrated Center of Excellence approach.
Both the Pulmonary and Allergy programs have substantial research training
infrastructure that are supported by NIH T32 institutional training grants. The Allergy training
grant is led by Dr. Broide, and the Pulmonary training grant is led by Dr. Atul Malhotra. These
grants are able to support training in asthma and/or allergic inflammation in the laboratories
designated above, or in other excellent laboratories at UCSD and affiliated research institutes.
The laboratories that are specifically part of the Center are fully equipped to provide research
training that spans basic mechanisms, genetics/genomics, mouse models, translational work
with clinical samples, and clinical trials.