Research Centers

​Altman Clinical & Translational Research Institute (ACTRI)
Translates scientific discoveries into improved health by providing research resources, training, and collaboration opportunities for ACTRI scientists, healthcare providers, and the community

Cancer Cell Map Initiative (CCMI)
Enabling a new era of cancer discovery and treatment based on the complete elucidation of the molecular networks underlying cancer

Center for Network Medicine (CNM)
Strives towards a goal of understanding the fundamental principles that allow eukaryotic cells to iteratively sense, decide, act, and learn/adapt

Institute for Diabetes & Metabolic Health (IDMH)
Dedicated to developing successful approaches to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of diabetes and related metabolic diseases

National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
Advances the new science of Biological Networks through analytic tools, visualizations, database, and computing resources

San Diego Center for AIDS Research
The San Diego Center for AIDS Research (SD CFAR) at UC San Diego is one of 17 NIH-funded academic centers providing administrative and shared research support to synergistically enhance and coordinate high quality AIDS research projects at institutions across the U.S. The SD CFAR supports multidisciplinary research working to end the HIV epidemic and is recognized as a Tier 3 Center at the highest quality of research and funding.

San Diego Center for Systems Biology (SDCSB)
Brings together scientists across disciplines and institutions to promote collaborative research and training, support the exchange of ideas and resources, and engender significant advances in systems biology

Sleep Research Laboratory
Aims to study and understand human sleep, and the mechanisms of sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea