Patient Stories

One for the Phages: Kidney Transplant Patient with Recurring Infections Gets Viral Help

Watch IPATH patient, Maria Madrigal, share her experience with phage therapy at UC San Diego. 


Phage Treatment Saves A Life

Watch the story of Dr. Tom Patterson, a UC San Diego professor and husband of Dr. Steffanie Strathdee who was saved using phage therapy (featuring Drs. Strathdee and Schooley, co-directors of IPATH):




TEDx Talk

Dr. Strathdee explains the collaborative effort it took to save her husband (Dr. Patterson) at TEDxNashville:




Turning A Phage

Meet Mr. Joel Grimwood. Phage therapy allowed him to recover from a chronic bacterial disease and successfully receive a new heart. In this video, Mr. Grimwood and Dr. Saima Aslam discuss his phage therapy treatment at UC San Diego: