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The UC San Diego Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health aims to eliminate the burdens of infectious diseases and health disparities by delivering outstanding patient care, conducting world-class multidisciplinary health research, directing the institutional response to antimicrobial resistance, preventable healthcare associated infections, and emerging pathogens, and offering leadership, consultation and training on global public health, gender equity, microbiology, and infectious diseases topics.

About the Division

The divisions of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health merged into the Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health effective August 1, 2017. Dr. Davey Smith leads the team as Chief of the division. Along with Dr. Smith, the Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health will be led by Dr. Constance Benson as the Vice Chief of Education, Dr. Annie Cowell as the Vice Chief of Clinical Affairs, Dr. Jamila K. Stockman as the Vice Chief of Global Public Health, Dr. Sanjay Mehta as Chief of the VA Infectious Diseases Section, Dr. John Ayers as the Vice Chief of Innovation, and Dr. Laura Bamford as the Director of the Owen Clinic.

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Division in the News

To view a list of ongoing research activities related to COVID-19, please click on this link to access the webpage. 

When a Virus Is the Cure
The New Yorker, features IPATH

UC San Diego News Center, features Dr. Constance Benson.

Retired Docs, Nursing, Med Students: California Wants You
KPBS, features Dr. Francesca Torriani.


The Last Gift Project: 
The Last Gift tissue donation research study aims to understand the behavior of HIV in the human body – giving scientists the rare opportunity to learn where the virus hides in an individual and inspire medical advancements for generations to come.
This video was produced as part of an Independent Study Project in the San Diego School of Medicine by Kushagra Mathur and Alex Kurland under the mentorship of Ryan Neisz, Sara Gianella Weibel and Nadir Weibel

We wanted to share with you an article that was published on CNN today, which features Dr. Strathdee's family story and IPATH's work to advance phage therapy at UCSD. The link to the article is included below. Thank you!  Click here for article.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Darcy Wooten on being selected as IDSA Featured Educator for April 2022! The Medical Education Community of Practice seeks to highlight the innovative work of medical educators in infectious diseases. To read more about this great achievement, please visit this page. Congratulations on your amazing educational efforts. 

Congratulations to Dr. Laramie Smith on receiving the "Women of the district" from California’s 39th Senate District. The community nominated female leaders in the 39th Senate District. To read more about this great achievement, please visit this page.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Lara Marquez on receiving the 2021 Chancellor's Dissertation Medal. Dr. Lara Marquez is a newly graduated PhD student and current GPH T32 postdoc. Congratulations to Dr. Lara Marquez and kudos to her mentor, Dr. Natasha Martin!

We would like to highlight a rising star, Manar Alkuzweny! Manar is currently an undergraduate student, mentored by Dr. Sanjay Mehta. As an undergraduate, Manar already has two publications and a poster presentation that was presented at the COVID-19 Dynamics & Evolution Meeting. A link to the presentation can be found here. Congratulations on your stellar productivity!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Darcy Wooten is the recipient of a Medicine 401 Excellence in Teaching Award!
This award is given in recognition of outstanding attendings and residents who display exemplary dedication, support, and commitment to educating our third year medical students.

Statement of Dedication

We are saddened, horrified and angered by the persistent racially-motivated violence and structural racism in the United States. We forcefully mourn the murders of Ms. Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Mr. Ahmaud Arbery in Satilla Shores, Georgia. These brutal events occurred in the setting of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, both of which have disproportionately impacted racial and ethnic minorities. 

Thus, We Remain:
  • Committed to use research, clinical care and education to fight back against the structural racism and injustice that leads to the persistent violence and health and economic disparities.
  • Committed to be aware of the injustice and inequality that we encounter, and will address it with all our power to do so.
  • Committed to You the members of our Division. Reach out when you need us, as we remain committed to be stronger together. 
Davey Smith, MD, MAS
Professor and Chief

Constance Benson, MD
Professor and Vice-Chief of Education 
Jamila K. Stockman, PhD
Professor and Vice-Chief of Global Public Health
Joshua Fierer, MD
Professor of Medicine
John Ayers, PhD
Associate Professor and Vice-Chief of Innovation

Ajay Bharti, MD
Associate Professor and Director of Strategic Initiatives
Darcy Wooten, MD
Associate Professor 

Sanjay Mehta, MD
Associate Professor and Section-Chief of Infectious Diseases, Veteran Affairs 
Annie Cowell, MD
Assistant Professor and Vice-Chief of Clinical Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health 
University of California San Diego