​What our ID Fellows enjoy about training at UCSD and life in San Diego




“I was inspired to go into infectious diseases ever since I took a sub internship in ID as a fourth year medical student. I loved the diverse array of pathologies, the intersection between infections and disadvantaged populations, the global health aspect. In particular, I wanted to care for patients with HIV and immunocompromised patients. UCSD is an incredible place to train for ID, the faculty are experts in their field, they are supportive and provide a lot of mentorship and teaching. San Diego is a great city to live in as well!”​

               - Daniel Ho, MD (ID Fellow, 2023-2025)



"Fellowship is a busy time, but being a part of the UCSD family has made it a great experience: we have profound support from a program that listens to its fellows. Whatever your career goals in infectious disease, the program is dedicated to you reaching those goals, and the wealth of resources available at our institution puts most goals within reach.  

San Diego has been an incredible place to live with stunning ocean views, numerous and easily accessible hikes, friendly residents, and manageable traffic. Living in a city that makes it very easy to unplug and unwind is a huge plus. I hope I can call this place my permanent home after finishing fellowship."        

         ​-Elliott Welford, MD (ID Fellow, 2019-2022)


"​​My favorite aspect of training at UC San Diego is the people! Faculty, co-fellows and staff have, from the very beginning, made me feel at home. They're all incredibly warm, encouraging and wonderful people to train with and learn from. The ID division at UCSD provides trainees with a great variety of opportunities for one to pick and choose from, for us to develop our own careers. 

The San Diego sunsets are my favorite and the hikes and sightseeing options are endless. Torrey Pines State Park in the photo (below, right), is an amazing breathtaking hike right next to the beach!"

        -Claudia Ramirez-Sanchez, MD (ID Fellow, 2019-2022)


​"What I love about the infectious disease program at UCSD is that you feel like you're surrounded by important things taking place. The program is large enough to accommodate an array of expertise and interests but also small enough that you feel like you know everyone and are involved in everything going on—whether it be treating patients with drug-resistant TB transferred from hospitals in Mexico, helping with UCSD's role in mitigating COVID-19 outbreaks in the region, or participating in cutting-edge phage therapy research. 

As far as San Diego goes, I have a great life here. I live in a relaxing neighborhood next to Balboa Park that has an outdoor coffee shop and good bars and restaurants. Before the pandemic, my neighbors and I enjoyed weekly bonfires in our yard and wine club at a local wine bar. Fortunately, I've kept busy by reading, riding my bike, rock climbing, playing guitar, and listening to podcasts."

        -Samuel Penziner, MD (ID Fellow, 2018-2021)

​"I have really enjoyed living and working in San Diego for the past two years. One of the best parts of the program is working with excellent faculty in the hospital and clinic and having great mentors. When I am not working, some of my favorite things to do in San Diego are running along the coast, hiking/trail running (favorites: Mission Trails, Peñasquitos Canyon), and water sports. In my opinion, the beaches in San Diego rank among the best in the country with beautiful ocean and cliff views. Another perk is that the city itself is very dog friendly and there are plenty of parks, dog beaches, and hikes to take your favorite canine companion."

        -Thaidra Gaufin, MD, PhD (ID Fellow, 2018-2021)


Pictures from Training

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