Funded Projects


SDCPI’s pilot and accelerator projects represent a range of interdisciplinary investigations that examine an array of groundbreaking ideas in immunotherapy and personalized vaccines that will speed novel treatments from laboratory bench to patient bedside.


2019-2020 Projects


                  T Cell Receptors Interactions with HLA                                    Neoantigen Discovery Project

2018-2019 Projects


               Restoring Type I Interferons in Cancer                               Radiation Combined with Immunotherapy


2017-2018 Projects

          Dendritic Cell Vaccines              Harnessing the Immune System      Macrophage Targeted Approaches

Dr. Ezra Cohen & Dr. Stephen Schoenberger Collaborations

                   Adoptive Cell Therapies                   CAR-T Targeting Cancer Stem Cells       Personalized Cancer Vaccine

New Neoantigen-Based Treatments