SDCPI’s leadership combines a nationally recognized oncologist with a groundbreaking discovery scientist, and collaborations that ensure all the resources necessary to make new therapeutic options a reality.  We have the best and brightest scientific minds here, all eager to work together to cure cancer in the most comprehensive, agile way possible – something no other place can offer.


Ezra Cohen, MD
Stephen P. Schoenberger, PhD


Associate Director

​Aaron M. Miller, MD, PhD

Board of Directors

​Mitchell Kronenberg, PhD,  co-Chairman
Scott M. Lippman, MD, co-Chairman


​Linda Bradley, PhD
Susan Kaech, PhD
​Linda Sherman, PhD

Deputy Directors

Sandip Patel, MD

Scientific Advisory Committee

Linda Bradley, PhD
Jack Bui, MD, PhD
Ananda Goldrath, PhD
      ​     ​
               Susan Kaech, PhD
Silke Paust, PhD
Anjana Rao, PhD
Andrew Sharabi, MD, PhD

Fellowship Director

​Gregory Daniels, MD