Ongoing Research at the Center for PreCSN:

Grand challenges embraced by the PreCSN team:

  • Computational Models of Immunity
  • Network-based therapeutics in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Network-based Pro-differentiation therapeutics in Solid Tumors
  • Network based analyses of multidimensional datasets in diverse diseases, e.g., atherosclerosis, NASH, cancers, neurodegeneration, infectious diseases, lung fibrosis, etc. 
  • Protein Contact Networks to chart Allosteric paths in G proteins
  • Protein-protein networks in host-microbe interactions or signal transduction
  • Computational-identification of differentiation program in colon crypts
  • Computational model of Alzheimer’s Disease: Novel Targets and Vetting Pre-clinical Models
  • Computational model of Neuroblastoma Differentiation
  • AI-guided Identification of Therapeutics in COVID-19