Director's Message

The Need for Convergence to Decode Complex Systems

“We know that science, like everything else, is more productive when teams are diverse than if they are all looking the same,” – Dr. Francis Collins, National Institute of Health (NIH); Director (Health & Medicine, 2020)

"The grand challenges of today -- will not be solved by one discipline alone. They require convergence: the merging of ideas, approaches, and technologies from widely diverse fields of knowledge to stimulate innovation and discovery”. – the National Science Foundation (NSF), 2016.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

Pradipta Ghosh Head Shot he Institute for Network Medicine (iNetMed) embraces and executes the visions set forth by these individuals and institutes as our guiding principles. Our mission is to look beyond the apparent differences, complexities, and heterogeneity to recognize fundamental unifying principles because most systems – be it our body, our cells, or our machines- they all operate and abide by the same fundamental laws of nature.  Our vision is vast, and yet, incredibly precise. While we seek to see the big picture, we feel the incredible need to see and understand the infinitesimal and fundamental details that make up life. Understanding what those fundamentals are can bring about transformational impact in both medicine and engineering. 

To support these efforts, iNetMed thrives on a culture of ‘convergence’ where ideas, approaches, and technologies from widely diverse fields cross-pollinate and drive innovation and discovery. We are fortunate to be joined in this mission by a team of world-class scientists from UC San Diego’s Health Sciences (Skaggs School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, and School of Public Health), Division of Biological Sciences, and the departments within the Jacobs School of Engineering and with national and international industrial partners to carry out transdisciplinary research activities in biomedical sciences, engineering, and the interface between the two. Convergence builds and supports creative partnerships, blends scientific disciplines in a coordinated, reciprocal way, and cross-pollinates creative thinking needed to address complex problems. Simply put, it collaboratively tackles initiatives that no one can do alone.

iNetMed is also a notoriously intense place to work; we are always hustling. Our competitive spirits are guided by defined leadership principles that are geared to maintain nimbleness despite our growth in scale. These principles shared by our faculty, trainees, staff members, and partners allow us to think through new information and ideas and constantly improve and impact science and innovation. Whether you are a faculty member, an entrepreneur, or a trainee, and you are hungry and restless and seek excellence, we welcome you to join us on this shared journey!

-Pradipta Ghosh M.D., Founding Director

Supporting Words from Leadership

Pradeep K. Khosla Head Shot

"From the birth of our experimental campus, UC San Diego researchers made a commitment to collaborate with one another and to look deeper at the world around us in order to solve society’s most pressing issues. The Institute for Network Medicine exemplifies this commitment by fostering a community of transdisciplinary research, grooming next-generation changemakers, and pushing the frontiers of knowledge to enrich human life." - Pradeep K. Khosla, UC San Diego Chancellor

 Sandra Brown Head Shot
"The distinctive efforts of the Institute for Network Medicine research endeavors are making great strides in the understanding of diseases, and development of treatments and preventative interventions. If the institute’s vision is to transform both medicine and engineering by solving some of the core fundamentals of and unlocking the mysteries within the eukaryotic cell, my office and I look forward to your journey." – Sandra Brown, Vice Chancellor for Research, UC San Diego

Albert P. Pisano Head Shot

"The Institute for Network Medicine brings forward a great example of collaboration between life sciences and engineering, for developing, mastering, and advancing technologies to solve problems, make a positive impact on society." -Albert P. Pisano, Professor, and Dean for UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

Paul Roben Head Shot
"Innovation is, at its heart, all about people; by putting together a talented, experienced, and optimistic team, the Institute for Network Medicine exemplifies UC San Diego’s “culture of innovation” and broadens the benefits for both the campus and the “regional ecosystem.” The  kinds of grand challenges undertaken, and the creative new life-changing solutions invented within the institute will contribute towards UC San Diego’s global recognition as the partner of choice for innovation." -Paul Roben, Associate Vice Chancellor, UC San Diego Innovation & 
Technology Commercialization