September 20, 2022:

ASCO post on our work showing the basis for racial disparity in esophageal adenocarcinomas (Published at JCI Insight). Other coverage: News Medical-Net; UCSD News

June, 2022: 

External coverage of our work on post-COVID Lung fibrosis (Published at EBioMedicine). 

Science Daily; News-Medical-Net; Eureka Alert; Times of Dan Diego

September 20, 2021:

Congratulations to ConCISE's founding director, Padmini Rangamani (Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) for emeging as one of the two finalists for the 2021 Chancellors Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring

September 10, 2021: 

Researchers replicate COVID-19 infections with lab-grown 'mini-lungs',” FierceBioTech, features Pradipta Ghosh, MD, Soumita Das, PhD, and Debashis Sahoo, PhD.

September 03, 2021:

Human Mini-Lungs Grown in Lab Dishes are Closest Yet to Real Thing,” features Pradipta Ghosh, MD, Soumita Das, PhD, and Debashis Sahoo, PhD
See also
Medical Xpress, Science Blog, The Medical News, LatestLY and

August, 27, 2021: 

Girdin One’s Loins,” features Pradipta Ghosh, MD
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ScienceDaily, The Medical News, and AZoLifeSciences

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August 20, 2021: 

Unchanging Rules Of Gene Expression Could Improve Drug Approval Odds,” Bio IT World, features Pradipta Ghosh, MD, Debashis Sahoo, PhD, and  Soumita Das, PhD.

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Aug 06, 2021: 

AI Helps Predict Winners and Losers in Clinical Trials,” The Scientist, features Pradipta Ghosh, MD, Debashis Sahoo, PhD and Soumita Das, PhD

July 31, 2021: 

Artificial Intelligence Could Be New Blueprint for Precision Drug Discovery,” features Pradipta Ghosh, MD, Soumita Das, PhD, and Debashis Sahoo, PhD

Other press coverage: GEM news, Science Daily, California News Times, BioTechScope, TheHealthGuide,TheHealthNewsExpress, TittlePress, TheWellnessChecks, Med Lifestyle news, D4-pharma, Newsfounded (South Africa), News wise, NewsBeezer, MirageNews, FloridaNewsTimes.

July 06, 2021:

AI Predicts How Patients with Viral Infections, Including COVID-19, Will Fare,” features Pradipta Ghosh, MD, Debashis Sahoo, PhD, and Soumita Das, PhD

See also ScienceDaily, Medical Xpress, Laboratory Equipment, The Medical News, Health IT Analytics, FOX 5, San Diego Union Tribune, KUSI, Times of San Diego, SciTech Daily and Medical Laboratory Observer
San Diego Tribune; Science Daily; Health IT analytics ; fox5sandiego; Times of San Diego; MLO online; Tech Times; ZENGER news; SciTechDaily; FreePress Journal; IndiatvNews; National Herald India; The Deccan News; Healthcare IT News;; Top 10 news; BigNewsNetwork; ANI news network (South Asia); InnovatorsMag

May 03, 2021:

Soumita Das and Pradipta Ghosh co-author an article with partners at Corning on how:  "Gut in a Dish” Facilitates Drug Development.

Mar 18, 2021:

Soumita Das interviewed by Technology Networks:  "Exploring Human Biology and Disease With Organoid Models".

Mar 30, 2021:

Pradipta Ghosh was featured in Full STEM Ahead. The link provides a recording of “Full STEM Ahead: The Journeys of UC San Diego Women in Science,” our second Evenings of Nonconventional Wisdom event, highlighting the extraordinary achievements and experiences of our leading-edge students, alumnae, faculty and researchers at UC San Diego.

Mar 14, 2021: 

ConCISE's Padmini Rangamani elected to AIMBE college of fellows.  

Feb 10, 2021: 

HUMANOID's Das and Ghosh enable modeling skin transdifferentiation. In a paper published online in the February 4, 2021 issue of Nature Communications, in which senior author George L. Sen, PhD,  an associate professor in the departments of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Dermatology, and colleagues describe what happens to skin cells when a key protein is blocked during stem cell differentiation.

Would-be skin cells become intestine-like. Read more here....

Feb 05, 2021: 

PreCSN's Debashis Sahoo pursues XPRIZE to better balance COVID solutions

Jan 21, 2021: 

Leadership/Community Service: ConCISE's Padmini Rangamani co-authors an article in PLOS Computational biology outlining "Ten simple rules for women principal investigators during a pandemic". Also check out her c-authored article in the journal Cell on the need to fund black scientists.   

Jan 07, 2021: 

HUMANOID's Das and Ghosh in the news! Study: E-Cigarettes Trigger Inflammation in the Gut

Oct 14, 2020: 

iNetMed's Pradipta Ghosh and team features in news for discovering a protein that keeps our immune system from freaking out! The leading biotechnology journal, GEN features the news

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Oct 6, 2020: 

ConCISE's Padmini Rangamani among a team of scientists who receive fundings from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (through the Moore-Simons Project on the Origin of the Eukaryotic Cell supported by the Moore Foundation and the Simons Foundation) for their ambitious projects that seek to understand the 'rules' of cellular architecture for eukaryotic cells.  Click here to read more.  

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