Decoding Cellular Intelligence, Pradipta Ghosh, M.D. TEDx Bermuda

Any cell in the body is the beginning of artificial intelligence – sensing, deciding, reacting and adapting.  Uncovering the communication layers and breaking down the complexity allows us to understand the components in each layer.  By using a combination of novel mathematical tools, computational algorithm and multi-omics approach of looking at the important networks inside cells, we have been able to create disease paths for diseases that have no cure.


About the Institute

The Institute for Network Medicine (iNetMed) unites several research disciplines to develop disruptive solutions, transform life sciences and technology and enhance human health.

When founded in March of 2018, iNetMed was comprised of three centers:

The Center for Precision Computational Systems Network (PreCSN) builds actionable networks across scales, from atom-atom contact networks within proteins to protein-protein and gene regulatory networks in complex states.

HUMANOID Center of Research Excellence (CoRE) reverse-engineers’ complex human organs and tissues to test predictions and advance fundamental discovery research and preclinical.

The Consortium for Cell-Inspired Systems Engineering (ConCISE) builds virtual human cells to better understand how cellular communication systems can be precisely manipulated to intervene.

In 2024, iNetMed​ added a fourth center, the Agilent Center of Excellence in Cellular Intelligence (ACoE) to enable biological measurements across scales using a complete and modern suite of cell analyses platforms.  

Director's Message

Pradipta Ghosh Head Shot
The Instittue for Network Medicine (iNetMed) embraces and executes the visions set forth by these individuals and institutes as our guiding principles. Our mission is to look beyond the apparent differences, complexities, and heterogeneity to recognize fundamental unifying principles, because most systems – be it our body, our cells, or our machines- they all operate and abide by the same fundamental laws of nature. Our vision is vast, and yet, incredibly precise. While we seek to see the big picture, we feel the incredible need to see and understand the infinitesimal and fundamental details that make up life. Understanding what those fundamentals are can bring about transformational impact in both medicine and engineering.