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The Center for Integrative and Molecular Metabolism (CIMM) will focus on research in type 2 diabetes and obesity, hormone secretion and action, central nervous system control of feeding behavior and metabolism, the microbiome, mitochondrial metabolism, circadian biology, genetics and genomics.

This center will facilitate collaborations between our experts, creating a powerful engine to drive discoveries in the laboratory and their translation into new clinical solutions for type 2 diabetes and related diseases.

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The Center for Integrative and Molecular Metabolism Fund

Help the Center’s Director address our highest priorities, fostering innovative solutions to metabolic diseases and disorders.

Center for Integrative and Molecular Metabolism Discovery Funds

Help the Center advance cutting-edge research and collaboration across campus and beyond to foster discovery and develop cures for the future.

Training our Next Generation of Leaders in Metabolic Medicine

Enrich the education and training of tomorrow’s leaders in Integrative and Molecular Medicine. 


Major Gift and Naming Opportunities

For major gift and naming opportunities, contact:

Jesse Rodriguez
Executive Director of Development
UC San Diego Office of Advancement – Health Sciences
Mail Code 0937
Telephone 858-822-2356