The IDMH is comprised of four centers that together represent a vital community for research, care and education in diabetes and related diseases.

Center for Clinical Diabetes Care 

The Center for Clinical Diabetes Care in the Perlman Medical Offices is comprised of pediatric and adult endocrine activities in diabetes treatment and education. Activities of clinicians, nurses, nutritionists and diabetes educators are coordinated, as is consultation with physicians caring for diabetes complications such as renal, cardiovascular, neurological, dermatological and eye disease. 

Center for Human Nutrition

The Center for Human Nutrition is comprised of active clinical researchers focused on clinical aspects of nutritional and dietary impact on energy homeostasis and healthy aging, as well as prevention or intervention in Type 1 and 2 diabetes and obesity. Activities include clinical trials of investigational drugs and devices, impact of diet and nutrients on metabolic health, and mechanistic studies on metabolism and energy balance. 

Type 1 Diabetes Research Center

The Type 1 Diabetes Research Center (T1DRC) is comprised of researchers across UC San Diego and related La Jolla institutions concentrated on the cure and prevention of Type 1 diabetes research. The focus includes stem cell biology, beta cell biology, immunology and genetics. 

Center for Integrative and Molecular Metabolism

The Center for Integrative and Molecular Metabolism (CIMM) focuses on Type 2 diabetes and obesity. It is comprised of investigators across La Jolla who study hormone secretion and action, central nervous system control of feeding behavior and metabolism, the intestinal microbiome, mitochondrial metabolism, circadian biology, genetics and genomics.

The centers collaborate to recruit new faculty and trainees, enlist investigators from other areas to work on metabolic disease, organize symposia and workshops and other networking initiatives for faculty and trainees, enhance interactions and spur collaboration, and support economic development for the La Jolla region.