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Our multidisciplinary Center for Human Nutrition (CHN) provides the optimal environment for our clinical researchers focused on the clinical aspects of nutritional and dietary impact on energy homeostasis and healthy aging, as well as prevention or intervention in type 1 and 2 diabetes and obesity.

Its activities include clinical trials of investigational drugs and devices, impact of diet and nutrients on metabolic health, and mechanistic studies on metabolism and energy balance.

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The Center for Human Nutrition Fund

Help the Center’s Director address our highest priorities, furthering our understanding of metabolic health, energy homeostasis, and healthy aging.

Center for Human Nutrition Discovery Funds

Help the Center advance pioneering and collaborative research in human studies across the Torrey Pines Mesa to catapult our efforts toward discovery.


Major Gift and Naming Opportunities

For major gift and naming opportunities, contact:

Jesse Rodriguez
Executive Director of Development
UC San Diego Office of Advancement – Health Sciences
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