Lab News

September 2019

Moonshot U01 Grant


Andrew Sharabi MD PhD, Assistant Professor and member of the Basic Science Program in the Center for Precision Radiation Medicine (CPRM) has received a Cancer Moonshot U01 Grant as a co-investigator in collaboration with Silvio Gutkind PhD, Ezra Cohen MD, Steven Schoenberger PhD, Anjana Rao PhD, and Sonia Sharma PhD.  The $4.3M NIH grant entitled Stimulating Neo-Antigen Specific T Cell Responses in Head and Neck Cancers will study Neoantigens as a unique and powerful opportunity for directing a patient’s immune response specifically to cancer cells while avoiding damage to normal tissues.

October 2018

Andrew Sharabi MD PhD received a generous donation this past month, providing him the ability to hire a post-doc fellow with experience in grant/manuscript writing.  The donor was excited to tour his laboratory and learn more about his novel research.  To help increase philanthropy to our department and research facility, the Development office is working closely with our Philanthropy Committee to develop a brochure highlighting people and programs which would benefit from philanthropic support.


Head & Neck Cancer Center Grants Recipient Lecture


The UCSD Head & Neck Cancer Center Grants Recipient Lecture Series was held on Wednesday January 16th in the Comer Commons.  This year, 3 of the 4 awardees were from our Department: Jim Murphy MD, Andrew Sharabi MD PhD, and Lucas Vitzthum MD.  Dr. Murphy presented his pilot study of using home based-sensors to assess patient reported outcomes among minority head and neck cancer patients. Dr. Sharabi presented a temporal analysis of the metabolome in head and neck cancer patients and Dr. Vitzthum presented his work with his faculty mentor Loren Mell MD on generalized competing event modeling to identify head and neck cancer patients likely to benefit from treatment intensification.

February 2019

RMAS Researcher Receives R-01 Grant

Assistant Professor Andrew Sharabi MD PhD was notified that his R-01 Grant Proposal (Role of B-Cell Mediated Anti-Tumor Antibodies in Responses to Radiation and Immunotherapy in HNSCC) was selected and approved for funding by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) at the NIH. His first R-01 grant, this prestigious achievement represents a major milestone in the academic career of a research scientist. He has also been recently appointed to the RT Working Group of the NCI Immuno-Oncology Translational Network.