Image Guided Brachytherapy book

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A comprehensive guide of image guided brachytherapy


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GOG 9929 clinical trial shows that immunotherapy after chemoradiaion in node positive cervical cancer is safe and effective with an increase in PD-1 expression.

NRG Oncology press release for GOG 9929 link

https://www.nrgoncology.org/News/Research-Results/NRG-Oncology-Trial-Shows-Immunotherapy-is- Safe-Following-Chemoradiotherapy-for-Women-with-Node-Positive-Cervical-Cancer

Recent and Upcoming Invited Talks

Society of Gynecology Oncology 2023, March, Tampa, FL

“Chemoradiation for Stage IB3 cervical cancer”, Jyoti Mayadev

Varian Medical Systems, Spotlight on Women in Radiation Onoclogy

“Cervical Cancer Strategies, Innovation and Challenges”, Jyoti Mayadev

May 4, 2023: zoom invitation

American Brachytherapy Society Annual Meeting, June 2023, Vancouver, BC:

Special Session II: Advancing Brachytherapy Access Through Clinical Research

“Ensuring Brachy QA on Clinical Trials”

Jyoti S. Mayadev, MD UC San Diego Health

Interstitial technique will be the focus of the invited AUS brachytherapy society meeting keynote session in Feb 2020!






Drs. Mayadev and Meyers give Seminar on Cervical Cancer

Drs. Mayadev and Meyers presented in Varian's Spotlighting Women in Radiation Oncology seminar series to over 350 attendees world-wide. Dr. Meyers spoke about knowledge-based automation in cervical brachytherapy, while Dr. Mayadev discussed novel treatment paradigms for cervical cancer, such as adaptive radiotherapy and immunotherapy. WATCH THE SEMINAR