A special component of our Residency Program is the opportunity to go on an International Elective. We feel that seeing how Radiation Therapy is planned and delivered outside the American Health system is an invaluable educational experience. Given our high volume of patients including pediatrics and access to cutting-edge treatment approaches including interstitial brachytherapy and proton therapy, our residents do not need to use their elective time to satisfy residency requirements.

Given our close partnership with Radiating Hope, residents may pursue away rotations in the Developing World where they can see the tremendous challenges of delivering radiotherapy in resource-limited settings. However, residents may also choose away electives in Australia and Europe. Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the international away-rotation program is on hold.

Spotlight on International Electives

Costa Rica

Steve Davis MD


Nhat-Long Pham MD PhD (Rad Onc Resident)
Adam Yock PhD (Medical Physics Resident)


Danny Simpson MD


Doug Rahn MD


Anthony Paravati MD MBA

United Kingdom

Garrett Green MD
Kaveh Zakeri MD


Tyler Seibert MD PhD