The UC San Diego Medical Physics Residency program will be holding interviews in January and February for a July 1st start date.

The objective of our residency program is to provide competency-based clinical training in radiation oncology physics within a structured clinical environment. Residents participate in clinical physics duties under the supervision of board-certified medical physics mentors. At the conclusion of the program, residents will be able to demonstrate competency in all specialty areas of radiation oncology physics and will be prepared to sit for the certification examination of the American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic Radiologic Physics.

Physics residency training at UC San Diego is a two-year program. First-year residents work closely with medical physicists responsible for clinical tasks. A major goal during the second year of residency is to develop independent thinking and confidence in clinical decision making. One to four months will be spent on each clinical service to ensure adequate experience in all clinical physics activities.

The UC San Diego Medical Physics Residency Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP).

Laura Padilla, PhD is the Program Director, and Tim Keiper, PhD is the Associate Program Director. For detailed information regarding our residency, including a further description of the program, please view the Medical Physics Residency Brochure or contact the Program Administrator Jessica Bazo at JLBazo@health.ucsd.edu.


Application Instructions and Timeline

UC San Diego participates in the Residency Match program and will be accepting applications through the Common Application Program (CAP). Applications will only be accepted through CAP and only complete applications will be considered. The deadline for applications is December 1.

Application review and candidate interviews follow a 3-stage process:

1. Initial Review

Each application is independently reviewed by four faculty members. Applicants will be informed by email regarding the next stage no later than the 3rd week of December.

2. Preliminary Virtual Interview

There will be an initial round of screening interviews in mid-January.  These virtual interviews are 15 minutes in length and are conducted with a panel of 2-3 faculty members. Applicants will be informed by email regarding the next stage no later than the 3rd week of January.

3. Medical Physics Division Interview

The top applicants from preliminary interviews are invited to participate in a more in-depth interview process with our medical physics faculty and residents. These interviews will be held in February and conducted virtually.