Nutritional Counseling & Weight Management

A registered dietitian, nutritionist, diabetes educator or other healthcare professional should help you develop a balanced personalized eating plan to ensure that blood glucose levels do not fluctuate too much, and also meets the needs of your growing child.

There are also good resources on the internet to help you gather information about nutrition and supplement your child's eating plan. The internet should not be your only source of information, however. You still need the support of healthcare providers who will get to know your child and his or her particular nutritional needs.

Diabetic Nutrition counseling is provided by Rady Children’s Hospital Nutrition Clinic. Registered dietitians have many years of experience working with infants, children and teens, and their different dietary preferences. From individualized attention to assisting with developing meal plans for your child, the nutritionists at the clinic are always available to help.

Talk to your physician about a referral for Nutrition Clinic. When it is part of your child’s medical management, it may be covered by your insurance or you may pay cash. Call our schedulers at(858) 966-5999 to make an appointment and determine your insurance coverage. For more information about our services, call(858) 576-1700 ext, 5187.