Community Resources

Alongside the PDRC, San Diego offers a diverse range of resources to support individuals and families living with diabetes. Below are a number of organizations you and your family may find helpful.

Behavioral Diabetes Institute

Locally headquartered but internationally renowned, the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI) specializes in providing mental health assessment, treatment and support for those coming to terms with the emotional challenges of living with diabetes. Free workshops span topics for individuals and families of patients at all ages and phases of life with diabetes.

Taking Control of Your Diabetes

Taking Control of Your Diabetes follows its charismatic founder, UCSD endocrinologist Steven Edelman M.D., across the country in an energetic and full-spectrum diabetes management forum. Events include the local Type 1 Night, which provides San Diegans with the chance to learn from Dr. Edelman along with fellow clinical and scientific leaders about issues pertaining specifically to life with type 1 diabetes.

Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute

The Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute offers a range of diabetes education, counseling, and support programs, along with clinical research.

JDRF International - San Diego Chapter

The PDRC is proud and honored to be supported by the families of JDRF International, and participates annually in the JDRF San Diego Walk for the Cure. JDRF's advocacy at the federal level provides essential work for researchers at the PDRC and beyond.

JDRF DiaBuddies

Designed by a UCSD student with the help of world-renowned psychologist William Polonsky, the JDRF DiaBuddies program is a singular mentorship opportunity for kids and teens. DiaBuddies mentors go through a comprehensive training, but the results are all fun for both mentor and mentee: an important, supportive friendship with someone who "gets it."

ADA - San Diego Chapter

The American Diabetes Association funds both type 1 and type 2 diabetes research internationally, including the work of many PDRC scientists. ADA also offers key educational opportunities about the spectrum of diabetes research at its annual Scientific Sessions.

Online Resources

Diabetic Express

Comprehensive and convenient online diabetes supplier. Diabetic Express also features helpful resource articles and guides to insurance coverage, nutrition and wellness.

Diabetes Advocates

The directory of bloggers, publications, and networks available through Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) is a treasure trove of the best online writing about diabetes, community, and support.


TuDiabetes and its Spanish counterpart, EsTuDiabiates, act as both a connection and forum for those living with diabetes who are seeking conversation and advice from peers.

Diabetes Daily

Diabetes Daily is the "" of diabetes - featuring blogs, community, recipes, and the recent premier of online diabetes workshops.


DiaTribe provides invaluable summary review and reporting on diabetes research, published by respected health care consultant Kelly Close.


DiabetesMine is the wide-ranging and enormously useful blog of Amy Tenderich, updated a couple of times a day by both Amy and supporting contributor Allison Blass. An advice column by seasoned community health educator Wil Dubois offers readers the opportunity to learn Wil's take on life with diabetes.

A Sweet Life

The online magazine A Sweet Life publishes reflective, compelling writing about life with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, essays on breaking research and contemplations of the path of discovery, along with recipes, breaking news, and more.


There is a vast network of Twitter users (known as twitterers, in the parlance) who tweet regularly about life with diabetes. To learn more, search hash tags #dsma (diabetes social media association), #bgnow (blood glucose now) or just check out the follow list of @ucsd_pdrc.