Personnel in the Ferguson Lab

Cole Ferguson, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator

I am a physician-scientist within the Neuropathology Division of the Pathology Department at UCSD. I am broadly interested in the regulation of chromatin and epigenetics by ubiquitin signaling during brain development. I am supported by a K08 grant from NICHD entitled, "Ubiquitin signaling in epigenetic regulation of neuronal development." My clinical role is as the director of ophthalmic pathology at UCSD.

Cole J Ferguson - CV.pdf

Olivia Urso, BS – Lab Manager/Research Assistant

BS in Neuroscience from Washington University in St Louis in 2020.
Research interests include epigenetic regulation and chromatin organization in neurodevelopmental disorders of cognition.

Leya Ledvin – Undergraduate Researcher

4th year undergraduate majoring in Neurobiology.
Scientific Interests include Molecular Biology, Neuroscience and imaging methods including quantitative analysis.

Dylan Pilz – Undergraduate Researcher

3rd year undergraduate majoring in Bioinformatics.
Scientific interests include epigenetics, aging and artificial intelligence.

Lena Krockenberger – Undergraduate Researcher

4th year undergraduate majoring in bioinformatics with a minor in computer science. 
Scientific interests include implementing computational tools to study biological pathways in human diseases. 

Anajli Srinivasan – Undergraduate Researcher

3rd year undergraduate majoring in Comupter Science and Bioinformatics.
Scientific interests include using computational methods to gain insight into neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.

Lab Alumni:

Larissa Kaube, UCSD class of 2021, BS in Biochemistry

Current position: Researcher at the Conrad Prebys Center for Chemical Genomics at Sanford Burnham. Working to develop cellular assays for drug discovery to treat Alzheimer disease and cancer.