Cole Ferguson Lab

Welcome to the Ferguson lab website!

A molecular neuroscience lab, we study how genes regulate of the development and function of the mammalian brain. We use genetically-engineered mutant mice to understand how defects in chromatin regulation contribute to human neurodevelopmental disorders such as the ANAPC7 neurodevelopmental syndrome. In pursuit of these goals, we employ a wide range of experimental methods that range from genomics, imaging, biochemistry and behavior. We also have close collaborations with expert labs in bioinformatics, proteomics, structural biology and human genetics.

Dr. Ferguson is member of the Neurosciences graduate program as well as the Biomedical Sciences graduate program (Cell & Developmental Biology and Genetics & Genomics). We are looking to recruit curious and motivated graduate students. If you are interested in rotating through the lab or joining, please contact Dr. Ferguson at!

Full Bio here.